The original Masters Of The Universe boxed toys were sold in illustrated packaging. The printing quality was not of a very high standard, which is why the scanned images here are not as sharp or detailed as the original paintings would have been. However, the imagery itself was dramatic and inspiring. I do not know who painted the images shown on this web page, although I believe Rudy Obrero drew at least the first one. If anyone can assist in naming the artists responsible for the works shown here, I will update the page with the information.

If one thing above all else is apparent from the examples of the early MOTU art shown here it is the drama and elemental energy of Eternia. This artwork is enormously different from the Filmation cartoon that followed. These are the pictures which capture the essence of the wild and barbarian land that the Masters inhabit.

Figure 1. A great image of a wild and fearless Battle Cat and his owner He-Man.

Figure 2. Why should the Eternian tigers be tamed only by the Heroic Warriors?

Figure 3. The best of the MOTU vehicles ever produced - Attak Trak.

Figure 4. A battle in the skies above a volcanic and elemental landscape.

Figure 5. Skeletor and Panthor head for Castle Grayskull.

Figure 6. A determined Skeletor and his steed against a tumultuous sky.

Figure 7. Fisto and Stridor patrol the dangerous wilderness of Eternia.

Figure 8. Evil-Lyn holds a captive He-Man and Teela in thrall.

Figure 9. A desperate battle to prevent the destruction of Castle Grayskull!