Vaults of Grayskull is dedicated to the characters of Mattel's Masters of the Universe toylines. The original toys were introduced in the 1980s, and were supplied with minicomics which described and illustrated the fictional world of Eternia. The emphasis here is on the barbarian concepts found in the earliest tales.

On this site you will find the webmaster's epic fan fiction work, The Grayskull Saga. These stories were inspired by the early minicomics but include references to later concepts as well.

Five original minicomics, written and illustrated by the webmaster, can be found on this site. The VOG minicomics are tributes to the original stories and the Classics collectors' line.

Arguably the most important MOTU incarnation so far, the 2008-2016 Classics collectables are featured on this site. You will also find information about the original, or 'vintage', figures and the 2002 (200X) MOTU line.

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With a presence online for over a decade, this site is one of the most prominent and consistent Masters of the Universe resources. Thank you for venturing into the vaults, and I hope you enjoy your visit.

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The Menace
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The Terror
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The Tale
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The Magic

The Power of...
Point Dread!

The Power of
Point Dread!

Danger at
Castle Grayskull!

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DC Comics 1982 - 1983

From Eternia
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Fate is
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To Tempt
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The Key to
Castle Grayskull!

Within These Walls
... Armageddon!

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